Flutter Animated Logo with CustomPainter

FlutterLogo is a really handy widget. But what if we want to have it animated like in some of the Flutter team videos? See how to do it in few steps.

How to fix rotated image from camera in Flutter?

When using camera package in Flutter it often happens that the picture rotation is messed up. Let's see how we can fix it in few easy steps.

How to build a neumorphic Flutter Clock?

I was lucky to be one of the honorable mentions in Flutter Clock challenge organized by Google and Lenovo. My analog clock gained a bit of popularity on Twitter, so I decided to show how I achieved this neumorphic look in Flutter.

Convenient internationalization of Flutter apps

There are many ways to have multiple languages in your app in Flutter. Some folks use canonical Flutter arb files. Other use some json equivalents or statically typed constant resources like r_flutter. In this post I'm going to show you the way I find the most convenient to setup and use.

Distribute Flutter app to Firebase and stores from Codemagic

In this post you'll learn how to efficiently configure your Codemagic build pipeline with flavors and Firebase app distribution.